Well if I don't post these now, they may never get done. I would rather rework and tweak all the images, crop and adjust, ect., ect., but it looks like that isn't going to happen, so here they are. Just auto resized for the web. 


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Pat is checking the Queen.

IMG_6860 (Large).JPG (83779 bytes) 

Poking the sugar part way so she can get out easier.

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One box of Bees.

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Dumping them in their new home.

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Still more to go.

IMG_6879 (Large).JPG (90040 bytes)

Get the last bit just like ketchup.

IMG_6897 (Large).JPG (88106 bytes)

Now a new box of bees.

IMG_6915 (Large).JPG (83119 bytes)

A few left to find their way in.

IMG_6921b (Large).jpg (113038 bytes)

My hive after they are in.

IMG_7013 (Large).JPG (107122 bytes)

Checking for the Queen to see if she is out.

IMG_7022 (Large).JPG (86496 bytes)

Yup, she's gone.

IMG_7026 (Large).JPG (58146 bytes)

Getting a burr off the feeder can.

IMG_7050 (Large).JPG (128101 bytes)

Now to check my queen.

IMG_7093 (Large).JPG (88256 bytes)

She is also out.

IMG_7099 (Large).JPG (88291 bytes)

Busy little bees.

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